Festivals and screenings

Harvard University
“Overwhelming Nature: Confronting Catastrophe and the Sublime in the Arts and Humanities”
26th March 2023

CPH:PIX Copenhagen
10th October- 14th October 2021

Cinema Ecologica Amsterdam
12-14th November 2021

Environmental Film Festival Australia
15th October – 14th November 2021

22nd September 2021

Espoo Cine International – Helsinki
23rd-27th August 2021

28th Days of European Film – Praha
17th June 2021

11th Philosophical Film Festival – Macedonia
27th May- 3rd June 2021

69th Trento Film Festival
1-16 May 2021


51st International Film Festival of India
16-24th January 2021

34th Leeds International Film Festival
3-19 November 2020

61st Thessaloniki International Film Festival 
5-15 November 2020

44th São Paulo International Film Festival
17-30th October 2020

Morelia International Film Festival
28 October- 1 November 2020

Pontevedra International Film Festival
15-20th December 2020

Dutch Mountain Film Festival
3-8th November 2020

International Science Film Festival
11-15th November

Riga International Film Festival
15-25 October 2020

Pacific Meridian (Vladivostok)
10-16. October 2020

49th Kyiv International Film Festival
22- 30 August 2020

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